The Company offers its services to the decorative, architectural and automotive glass industries.

Structural Face Lift

Sometimes the internal structure of the building is strong but it gets hectic to maintain the exterior portion including the look of the building. Thus, this type of system is incorporated to give a new look to old buildings.

Sliding Window

We have developed our own range of Sliding Window & Openable Windows, consisting of 35mm, 45mm and 60mm series for single as well as double glazed units.

Structural Glazing

Designed with consideration for wind load and total load, structural glazing has added architectural beauty to the building. Structural Glazing provides excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction.

Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are the ideal cladding for interior and exterior surfaces. The material is rigid, and can be easily transformed into curved planar surfaces.

Glass Handrail

Designed using spigots to give a clear view without vertical or horizontal supports. Balustrades can be provided if required.

Suspended Glazing

This system is ideal for storefronts, showrooms and mall. System consists of 12mm or 15mm clear glass and 19mm glass fins supported with spiders or tension rods.

Glass Partition & Frameless Partitions

Most widely used in offices. Toughened glass with frameless door is used for glass partition.

Entrance Doors

Available as a single door or in pair with one side opening. For safety, perfect locking arrangement is provided. Doors can be fixed with concealed or overhead door closure.